Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater, Theodoor Ventilation Fan Manufacturer in China

Theodoor Electric Equipment Company Ltd. is a China based manufacturer of air source heat pump water heater, commercial air source heat pump, air curtain, and ventilation fan products. Our air source heat pump water heater and commercial air source heat pump use ambient heat, so they are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The air curtain functions to effectively prevent indoor and outdoor convection, thus maintaining constant interior temperature and humidity. It can be used in retail shops, restaurants, workshops, and hotels. Our ventilation fan system provides an ideal solution to achieving fresh air.
  • All in One Heat Pump Water Heater
  • All in One Heat Pump Water Heater Our all in one heat pump water heater uses double energy system by air source technology and smart electric water integrated technology.
    It adopts all in one design, featuring easy installation and saving space ...
  • Integrated Heat Pump Water Heater
  • Integrated Heat Pump Water Heater The adoption of double energy system by air-water technology and smart auxiliary electric heater for our heat pump water heater makes it to offer hot water in short time for emergent request.
    Our heat pump water heater has extremely compact structure, good looking face ...
  • Cabinet Heat Pump Water Heater
  • Cabinet Heat Pump Water Heater Our cabinet heat pump water heater integrates all in one heat pump water heater.
    It features attractive noble and elegant cabinet design.
    Our cabinet heat pump water heater is an energy saving product ...
  • Silent Air Curtain
  • Silent Air Curtain Our silent air curtain uses centrifugal type air flow design that let the operation turns calm. In addition the new design and patent appearance with aluminum cabinet design & luxury appearances embody customer's modern decoration...
  • 5G Air Curtain
  • 5G Air Curtain The new bar grille panel and luxury air intake design are able to maintain a lasting clean body.
    Our air curtain runs smoothly with low noise.
    This product is available with remote control or manual switch, making its operation easy ...
  • Natural Wind Air Curtain
  • Natural Wind Air Curtain The entire outside cover of our natural wind air curtain does not use screws and has an arched geometric design.
    The ingeniously designed casing is lighter than normal machines, making our natural wind air ...
  • Circular Duct Ventilation Fan
  • Circular Duct Ventilation Fan The steel fan blade runs smoothly, the overall improvement delivers comfortable air, thus making our circular duct ventilation fan with high performance.
    Our circular duct ventilation fan has a built-in motor thermal cutoff ...

While we were officially founded in 2002, we have had 15 years experience in our field. Our knowledgeable researchers and engineers design and develop air curtain and air source heat pump water heaters through the use of high performance production equipment, such as digital punching machines. By using high quality materials, we ensure that our air source heat pump water heater, air curtain, and ventilation fan meet our high standards. Customers can be assured that our products are CCC, CE, RoHS and UL certified, and Theodoor is also ISO9001:2000 certified.

We are located in Guangzhou city, a highly populated area with easy access to raw materials and component suppliers. This reduces our labor and material acquisition costs without compromising quality. International airports are easily accessible, which reduces clients' international shipping charges, makes visiting our factory easy, and allows us to deliver products quickly. Thus, our air source heat pump water heater and air curtain as well as other products are used widely in America, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, Russia, Germany, Italy, and Egypt.

Theodoor also offers quick customer service and technical support. We can design heat pump water heater and ventilation fan products according to customers' requirements, and we include free components in the shipment of your order. We can also recommend the most suitable air curtains, heat pump water heater and cabinet fan products to clients according to their specific needs. Equipment installation and usage training services are also available.