Direct Air Source Heat Pump

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Direct Air Source Heat Pump

Features of Direct Air Source Heat Pump
1. Our air source heat pump features direct-heating.
2. Our direct air source heat pump adopts special variable flow rate technology, including water flow, wind flow, refrigerant flow to overcome the weakness of cycle model products, and to ensure that the heat pump work steadily.
3. Our air source heat pump presents low noise that keeps the water temperature invariableness in the cold climate and hot climate.
4. The quickly de-frosting technology makes sure the machine works well in the low-temperature and moist environment.
5. The tap water can be heated to 55℃ one-off by unit, thus there will be no need to cycle many times, and it will run conveniently and reliably.

Technical Specification of Direct Air Source Heat Pump

Model RS-18GY RS-38GY RS-75GY
Rated Input Power 4.4 KW 9 KW 18 KW
Rated Heating Capacity 18 KW 38 KW 75 KW
Heating Ampere 8.1A 16.5A 34A
Power Supply 380V~50Hz
Outlet Water Temperature 55 ℃
Water Output Capacity 387 L /h 817 L /h 1613 L /h
Cycle Capacity (Hot Value) 3.1T/H 6.5T/H 12.9T/H
Pressure (kPa) 32 32 45
Refrigerant R407C/R417A
Compressor COPELAND
Evaporator High efficiency finned heat exchanger
Unit Size(mm) 765x765x950 1450x705x1175 1600x1100x1755
Unit Net Weight (Kg) 130 290 630
Noise (dB) 60 65 70
Water Connection DN20 DN20 DN25
Cycle Connection DN25 DN40 DN65

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