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Cycle Air Source Heat Pump

Advantages of our Cycle Air Source Heat Pump
1. The operating cost of our cycle air source heat pump is only 1/4 of electric water heater with high COP performance, making it an economical product.
2. Our cycle air source heat pump is safe, featuring no pollution since the water and electricity are completely separated. Additionally no electrical leakage, no explosion and no CO is occurred.
3. This product is convenient and it takes little space and place. It also features easy installation and it uses Copeland compressor for heat pump that makes it durable and energy efficient.
4. The auto anti-freezing function protects the equipment against low outdoor temperature.
5. It has automatic microcomputer control according to different demands.
6. Our cycle air source heat pump offers continuous hot water automatically without being affected by the weather changing conditions.

Our cycle air source heat pump has wide scope of applications. In general is used in households, villas, dormitories, schools, hotels, entertainment centers, beauty salon, swimming pools and more.

Technical Specification of our Cycle Air Source Heat Pump

Commercial Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater (Circulation Type)
Model RS-7GX RS-11GX RS-11GX/B RS-18GX RS-20GX RS-36GX RS-42GX RS-73GX
Rated Input Power 1.85 KW 2.8 KW 2.8 KW 4.6 KW 5.2 KW 9.5 KW 11 KW 19.5 KW
Rated Heating Capacity 7.0 KW 11.0 KW 11.0 KW 18.0 KW 20.0 KW 36.0 KW 42.0 KW 73.0 KW
Heating Ampere 8.4A 12.7A 5.0A 8.5A 9.2A 17.0A 19.0A 37.0A
Power Supply 220V~50Hz 380V~50Hz
Outlet Water Temperature 55℃
Water Output Capacity 151L /H 237L /H 237L /H 387L /H 430L /H 774L /H 903L /H 1570L /H
Pressure (kPa ) 25 28 28 32 33 45 45 52
Refrigerant R407C/R417A
Compressor Panasonic COPELAND  
Evaporator High efficiency finned heat exchanger
Size of Unit (mm) 695x655x665 710x710x765 710x710x765 765x765x950 765x765x950 1450x705x1190 1600x1100x1750
Unit Net Weight (Kg) 58 80 80 130 140 250 280 530
Noise (dB) 55 58 58 60 62 65 65 70
Water Connection DN20 DN25 DN25 DN25 DN25 DN40 DN40 DN65

As a China cycle air source heat pump manufacturer and supplier, Theodoor also provides swimming pool air source heat pump, cabinet heat pump water heater, circular duct ventilation fan, and more.

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