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Compact Air Curtain

Features of our Compact Air Curtain
1. Our compact air curtain adopts metal cover is designed with advanced fire resistance. In addition it has easy installation and simple maintenance.
2. The optimized fan wheel of our compact air curtain provides stable and even air flow.
3. Our compact air curtain has large air volume and low noise.
4. The reliable designed motor, with overheating protector for our air curtain has safety operation of 5000 hours continuously without defect.
5. The mounting height for our compact air curtain ranges from 2.5 m to 3.5 m.

Our compact air curtain is suitable for application in cafeteria, bakery, storage unit, waiting room, restaurants, large storage, department store, sports centre and so on.

Technical Specification of our Compact Air Curtain

Model Voltage V/ HZ Input power (W) Air Volume (m3/h) Air Speed (m/s) Noise (db) Net Weight (Kg) Size (mm)
High Low High Low
FM-1209ST/Y 220~ 240 /50 <160 1150 900 11 9 <57 10 900x190x210
FM-1210ST/Y <180 1270 1000 <58 10.5 1000x190x210
FM-1212ST/Y <200 1750 1200 <58 12 1200x190x210
FM-1215ST/Y <230 2180 1500 <59 13.5 1500x190x210
FM-1218ST/Y <330 2610 1800 <60 15 1800x190x210
FM-1220ST/Y <400 2800 1850 <61 17 2000x190x210

For 12 series, the available door height ranges from 2 to 3m.

Theodoor is a professional compact air curtain manufacturer in China. We offer a comprehensive line of products, including air curtain, air source heat pump water heater, ventilation fan, and more.

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