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5G Air Curtain

1. Our 5G air curtain adopts 3D body design, covered with a black side and back color, featuring luxury and classic looking.
2. The new bar grille panel and luxury air intake design are able to maintain a lasting clean body.
3. Our air curtain runs smoothly with low noise.
4. This product is available with remote control or manual switch, making its operation easy.
5. Our 5G air curtain is applied with mounting height ranging from 2.5m to 3.5m.

Our air curtain has suitable application in supermarket, shop, boutique, office, restaurants and more.

Technical Specification of our 5G Air Curtain

Model Size (mm) Voltage (v) Frequency(Hz) Motor P ower(W) Air V olume (m3/h) Air V elocity (m/s) Noise (dB) Net W eight (kg )
H igh L ow H igh L ow H igh L ow
FM-1209T/Y5G 900x190x220 220 / 50 160 110 1400 1100 9-11 57 55 10
FM-1210T/Y5G 1000x190x220 180 130 1600 1300 58 56 11
FM-1212T/Y5G 1200x190x220 200 150 1900 1600 58 56 12.5
FM-1215T/Y5G 1500x190x220 230 180 2500 2000 59 57 15.5
FM-1218T/Y5G 1800x190x220 3000 250 3200 2600 60 58 18
FM-1220T/Y5G 2000x190x220 350 300 3600 2900 61 59 20.5

We are a China 5G air curtain manufacturer and supplier. We offer various types of products such as natural wind air curtain, swimming pool air source heat pump, integrated heat pump water heater and much more.

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