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Induced Ventilation Fan

Characteristics and Applications of our Induced Ventilation Fan
1. The induced ventilation fan has been increasingly applied for modern house. It is a bi-directional flow induced ventilation fan ideal for use in places with high tightness, so as to maintain a comfortable environment.
2. Our induced ventilation fan plays an important role in providing sufficient fresh air to achieve the ideal home environment. In addition it also sets to feature in one row of two-way flow of new fans that make the amount of indoor air out of balance, allowing the customers to easily enjoy a comfortable and healthy home environment.

Technical Specification of our Induced Ventilation Fan

Stall Voltage Power Rotate S peed Wind Speed(m/s) Wind V olume (m3/h)
V~ W rpm L eft M iddle R ight
H 220 149 1300 15 18 18 1800
M 135 1100 13 16 16 1600
L 120 900 11 14 14 1400

As a China-based induced ventilation fan manufacturer and supplier, we also provide circular duct ventilation fan, natural wind air curtain, cabinet heat pump water heater, and more.

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