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Advanced Technology
German manufacturing techniques not only represented continuously as the highest level of manufacturing craftsmanship, but also always symbolize the highest level of design quality. In pursuit of such high quality, Theodoor insists on the concept of “German technology, European quality”. We are dedicated to providing international standard high quality air source heat pump water heater, commercial air source heat pump, air curtain, and ventilation fan products by using the strength of international scientific research.
We at Theodoor use the most advanced mould machines and equipment which provide a solid basis for putting creative ideas into reality and enable us to ensure that every heat pump water pump, and air curtain as well as ventilation fan products we make is with high precision and integrity.

Materials and Workmanship
By using such a large amount of new types of material and advanced technologies, Theodoor's manufacture of air source heat pump and heat pump water heater as well as other products avoids excess wear and tear and ensures that the products are some of the hardest wearing on the market. Not only the life span of the product is extended, the product safety is also improved especially under extreme conditions. Additionally, our products and materials are environmentally friendly as they are non-toxic, odorless and fire-resistant as well.

Thoughtful Customer Service
We at Theodoor can offer active and timely technical support and customer services to worldwide customers. So, clients can feel rest assured in using our heat pump water heater, air source heat pump, air curtain and ventilation fans.
Before purchasing, we can help clients choose appropriate models of products based on their usage environment and other specific needs. We can also design our products according to customers' demands and spare parts are included with the shipment. Equipment installation and usage training services are also available.

Main Products
  • Cabinet Heat Pump Water Heater Our cabinet heat pump water heater integrates all in one heat pump water heater.
    It features attractive noble and elegant cabinet design ...
  • Silent Air Curtain Our silent air curtain uses centrifugal type air flow design that let the operation turns calm. In addition the new design and patent appearance with aluminum cabinet design & luxury ...